Warrior Sound

Warrior Sound is a full-service recording studio located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. We bring state-of-the-art digital technology together with a collection of vintage equipment to give you the best of both worlds. We can accommodate almost all of your audio recording needs. Warrior Sound is run by experienced engineers and producers. 


Since 2006 Warrior Sound has worked with many talented, well-known artists and provided the national and local music community with a comfortable and affordable place to make records. Warrior Sound is located five miles outside of the town limits of Chapel Hill and is a beautiful and relaxing place to record.


Owners, Engineers, and Producers Al Jacob and Mitchell Marlow, first met in 1990, when the two were in the fourth grade, when they noticed their shared love and passion for rock and metal music. By the time they reached the fifth grade, the duo decided to pursue music head on—Mitchell on guitar and Al on bass. From that point forward, the two spent years playing shows and making hundreds of basement recordings with only a bucket of Shure 57’s and 4 track tape machines. By the end of their high school career, the two were in a touring band together and had decided to devote their lives to the industry. 

In 1999, the duo packed up and moved to New York City to pursue a career in music and audio engineering. They both attended the School of Audio Engineering (“SAE”) in Manhattan while still playing and recording their own music. After one year at SAE, the two landed internships at various studios which eventually lead to assistant engineering positions. These experiences enabled them to work with and learn from a wide variety of artists, producers, and engineers.

After 5 years of the daily grind of New York life, the two decided to pursue their music career back home in North Carolina. With a plethora of recording equipment the two had acquired over the years, Al and Mitchell invested money into opening their own recording studio in their beautiful hometown of Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

The two opened the doors to Warrior Sound in March of 2006. Since the day the studio opened, Al and Mitchell have been constantly engineering, producing, mixing and refining their craft with each and every project they undertake.

Mitchell currently resides in Los Angeles but is still an integral part of the studio.